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We welcome you to experience what it feels like to thrive on your healthcare journey and in the presence of the Mineral Kingdom.  With a full selection of pure, live-source, whole-food supplements and complex homeopathy as well as a full-service medical spa (including Massage, CranioSacral Therapy & Clay Therapies), we thrive providing effective, natural options and technical excellence supported by the intuitive arts. We respect your health care journey and will match your readiness.

Case Study: Clinical Detox

I like examples.  So here is a good one. In my professional practice an individual was beginning to break out in hives on over 50% of her body. They were not painful but very pronounced. We were on alert because she was a child and had a history of terrible migraines, coupled with high fevers and nausea. Her skin had been historically rough but this was a new level of body communication.

As clinicians specializing in the design and language of the body, we know that when the skin is irritated, especially in a heightened state such as this, it is an indication that the pathways of elimination are suddenly and especially compromised by a toxic load of some kind and and are not capable of fully handling it. Toxins are backing up, blocking the function of the body's flow system and changing the bioterrain toward acidic. My working clinical hypothesis was that toxic debris from something was overburdening or stressing her primary pathways to the point that the secondary pathways of elimination in this case, the skin, was erupting in hives in an effort to process the toxic load. This is a delicate situation.  Detox of any kind, in a body this stressed, could trigger a strong healing crisis be it a: painful migraine, intestinal issues, a very high fever or further skin problems.  

It turns out that this little ladies stress reactants told us a story.  Whether or not it is true you get to decide; as the story goes...according to her body's communication system and the energy fluctuations of her field this little lady was supposedly dealing with a viral condition causing inflammation of her central nervous system (consistent with her symptoms of migraine headaches and high fevers). Viruses feed on stress hormones she would naturally produce as a result of being in pain. Viruses also feed on heavy metals and other toxicity her body reacted to energetically (also consistent with inflammation, fever, pain and nausea)  At the same time, stress reactants indicated her body maybe dealing with a bacterial co-infection simultaneously (consistent with all her symptoms). In this scenario, her body logically tested to: first to restore, open and fortify the drainage pathways, then address the viral load (toxins identified through kinesological stress analysis to be neurotoxins  or poisons released by the virus itself aka viral load)  instead of focusing on the infection itself or any of the other factors like stress hormones, metals or co-infections. 

In this type of scenario, it is common and logicial according to the design of the body for the body to first restore drainage pathways, address viral load as a result of neurotoxins being released by the pathogen and doing an initial cleanse of  that neuro tissue. This is a very important layer focused on the toxicity brought about as a result of the viral infection and not the infection itself or any of the other factors like stress hormones, metals or co-infections.

Anyway, the end of the story is her hives disappeared within 24 hours and there were no uncomfortable complications that can accompanied such a complex detox. 

Despite the complex, layered and delicate nature of her situation and her young age. We stayed calm and listened to her body.  Rather than simply trying to just figure it out with my training, intellect or opinion alone, I chose to follow her bodies stress reactants and specifications using kinesology and MFT.  By having an excellent toolkit and a listening presence we were able to provide appropriate homeopathic and nutritional support. The point is, the body is so intelligent. It can tell us exactly what it needs to heal. We don’t heal anything. We listen to the body, give it real fuel an empower the individual to heal themselves.

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