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Two Harbors, MN

We welcome you to experience what it feels like to thrive on your healthcare journey and in the presence of the Mineral Kingdom.  With a full selection of pure, live-source, whole-food supplements and complex homeopathy as well as a full-service medical spa (including Massage, CranioSacral Therapy & Clay Therapies), we thrive providing effective, natural options and technical excellence supported by the intuitive arts. We respect your health care journey and will match your readiness.

Clinical Detox & Restoration

Effective and safe detox is done in a measured, appropriate way so the body can fully eliminate toxins. Too often, detox only moves toxins,  driving them deeper into the tissues and organs creating a larger blockage in the flow system, and leading to more serious health problems.  Our intent is to empower you to help yourself as much as possible and to assist when a professional is called for.

Recommended Process


First, we must ensure the body is regulating properly. The hypothalamus and entire neuro-endocrine system must be in balance and the body in a stable state of dynamic homeostasis before moving forward in the detoxification process.


The purpose of the restoration phase is to revitalize health to ensure you can adequately fuel the cleansing process of clinical detoxification.  During restoration we integrate simple essentials to fully charge your internal battery while replenishing raw materials and key nutrients.  Only then are you fully prepared to safely and effectively detoxify.

The number one priority is quality and consistent sleep. Sleep is the number one nutrient.  It maintains neuro-regulation and revitalizes function.  In fact, the deep sleep cycle is the only time the body repairs itself. If you wake feeling run-down, likely you are not sleeping deeply enough to repair your tissues; leaving you prone to lowered immunity, depression, accelerated aging (yes! wrinkles too) and injury.

Healthy breath and healthy water are the number two nutrients on the restorative priority list. Remember to relax, slow down and take them in gradually. Don't gulp oxygen or water; you will only get a fraction of benefit. If you gulp 8 oz of water it is likely your body will only use 2 of those oz. The same is true for breath; take in deep belly breaths vs shallow chest breathing.  

Some simple advise regarding water: drink half your body weight in oz. of healthy water per day.  65 oz. is a good initial goal.  Increase gradually, say 5 oz per day.  Sip through out the day.  A simple exercise regarding breath: while on your back, lay a medium, flat stone you love just below your navel. Close your eyes and focus your breath on that stone so your tummy is moving up and down with each inhale. Do this before going to sleep at night.  You will shift your central nervous system into a deep sympathetic state of relaxation improving sleep and neuro-endocrine regulation.

Basic essential raw materials (in the form of supplements) are necessary during this phase to optimize cellular communication and function.  Not all supplements are created equal; as a clinician, safety, efficacy and integrity are my highest priorities. I work with only the purest, most potent practitioner-level supplements available, while taking care to update/streamline my lines as the science improves and healthier, more affordable options become available.  With regard to restoration, enzymes and minerals are essential. Without them you would not be alive. Enzymes both digestive and systemic (for overall function) are necessary. They are responsible for initiating every biochemical and biological function.  Minerals catalyze enzymes. Healthy minerals and enzymes are the building blocks of life; essential to prepare and sustain the body and it's pathways of elimination during the detox process. 

It is my professional experience that a good percentage of supplements the average person consumes are actually doing more harm than good; they are synthetic or a non-absorbable form of a mineral too difficult for the body to use or easily eliminate. It is just like ingesting a stone; frankly, you're lucky if it comes out in your poo. To complicate matters, your body will deposit toxicity in your most vulnerable areas because they are lacking cellular communication and basic raw materials necessary for function, repair and maintaining health.  These sites become dumping grounds full of confused cells, metals, chemicals and other toxins; causing inflammation, degeneration and pain.  A frustrating example is the most commonly ingested calcium supplement, the cheap non-absorbable "rock-form" called calcium carbonate.  It offers little in the way of absorption and tends to build up in common vulnerable areas potentially contributing to conditions like: kidneys stones, bone spurs, and degeneration of the joints.  

Incidentally, many people are surprised (and some relieved) that exercise does not make this short list. There is simple and logical reason.  The other priorities of sleep, healthy water and breath as well as key minerals and enzymes are required first.  Starting an exercise program before your basic restorative priorities are in place can actually deplete the you further and diminish the neuro-endocrine systems vital ability to communicate at a cellular level in order to regulate health.

3. General Detox

Clinically, General Detox refers to a general cleaning of the entire body.  Like tending to your home seasonally: opening windows, cleaning and de-cluttering the the surfaces while refreshing the furnishings with bright, cheerful accents, brings your home to life. Seasonally a general and safe detox will benefit almost everyone! Opening, cleansing & nourishing the pathways of elimination (liver, lungs, lymph, kidneys & intestines) to ensure the filters are clean and the pathways of elimination are vital and flowing. This removes more superficial layers of accumulated, non-benefical sludge and debris with relative ease. It also prepares the body for deeper and more specific detox related to an underlying cause linked to a specific health complaint or circumstances fueling uncomfortable symptoms not addressed by general detox (more on this in step 4 and 5). One program we use for this phase is called Opening Channels by Energetix. We feel this is a very good option for the committed client seeking honest results and honest value.  As a practitioner, I utilize this program because it is safe, effective and supports both detox and restoration simultaneously while maintaining that vital neuro-endocrine regulation! 

4. Clinical Analysis

After a cycle of general detox, we recommend a clinical analysis in-house or over-the-phone to determine your body’s level of readiness to proceed onto deeper levels of detox.  At this time, it may be determined necessary to continue with general detox of the entire system, followed by additional clinical analysis. Depending on the body’s specific situation, general detox can average 30-90 days depending on your situation.  If you are prepared to move on, to ensure optimal results, continue with all the components of a healthy clinical detox program and lifestyle listed in Step 1 & 2.

5. Specific Detox

When your body has been restored and generally detoxed to the point of readiness, then specific detox for underlying cause can begin. This phase is what most people identify as “detox”. It is very important that deep toxicity not be stirred up until you can ensure the body can metabolize and eliminate it fully or you risk re-toxification. This is the very real process by which toxins are stirred up from their resting place and simply migrate, moving from one area in the body to another and in the process tend to be driven deeper into the tissues creating larger problems.  Toxins are fat loving entities and if they cannot be fully eliminated they will naturally gravitate toward and re-toxify the tissues in the body composed of fat; areas like your brain or the outer cellular membrane of cells within the less vital, more vulnerable areas of your body.

Specific Clinical Detoxification is highly intelligent, customized process.  Done correctly and in accordance with the body's innate and exact specifications, an effective approach will address a toxin and all the layers required to bring resolution of the symptoms within the specific stress-affected organ or tissues. Specific detox also includes ensuring proper drainage of the primary filters (liver, kidneys, etc.), pathways of elimination (intestines, lungs & lymph) and healthy neuro-regulation. Key healthy lifestyle modifications, continued restoration, and on-going consultation with a qualified practitioner will also be necessary.

In the studio we analyze the bodies stress reactants to effectively and precisely identify key problems and the exact solution necessary to restore homeostatsis, the bodies ability to regulate and maintain a big, balanced field.  Careful analysis, conscious conversation coupled with combination homeopathy, the finest herbs & supplements create the most gentle, effective and restorative process of detoxification available.

It is a fairly reliable rule of thumb to say that for every year one experienced health stress it will take a month of committed, thoughtful and compliant action to heal. In other words, it is important to understand that specific detox is a worthwhile process that can require a layered approach. For every year you are sick it will likely take a month to restore your body to the point that it can heal itself. It is also very important to prioritize your quality of life during your detox program.  Faster is not better.  In fact, often quite the opposite.  Theoretically, for example, if an individual suffers from terrible migraine's and finds out the underlying stress is a infection of the central nervous system they may want to immediately "kill" the pathogen and address it head-on thinking it will solve their painful headaches.  This is not necessarily true, often not by a long shot, according to the design of the body and the process it requires to fully recover from the stress of the migraines and everything fueling them. A body in pain, impaired by stress or consistent deficiency/toxicity, is an impaired body.  It is frustrated and needs to be addressed with compassion, an open mind and a listening heart. Clinically we do not diagnose or prescribe.  We don't kill or cure anything.  We re-balance and re-align the systems of the body according to it's own specifications, restore cellular communication, resolve unresolved stress and use pure, natural, real fuel in order to re-establish health and homeostatsis. Our measure for this is a stable, big, balanced energy field, the resolution of symptoms and improved feelings of health and function.

Case Study: Clinical Detox

About the Author

Cari Wright is a Holistic Health Practitioner based in Two Harbors, MN. She is a wife, a mother of 3 children, a dog, a cat, and a bird. She is a listener and a guide, a reader and a writer, and committed to a life of learning.