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Two Harbors, MN

We welcome you to experience what it feels like to thrive on your healthcare journey and in the presence of the Mineral Kingdom.  With a full selection of pure, live-source, whole-food supplements and complex homeopathy as well as a full-service medical spa (including Massage, CranioSacral Therapy & Clay Therapies), we thrive providing effective, natural options and technical excellence supported by the intuitive arts. We respect your health care journey and will match your readiness.


What is Flow?

The body is composed of visible and invisible components. Biological tissue governed by electrical impulses that together create the BioField or "the field" as we typically refer to it. The interface between the physical and energetic aspects compose the body's overall flow system. Disease is a blockage in that flow system.  Given what it needs, the body is designed to heal and regain function by releasing accumulated exposure to toxic load through it's elimination, drainage and filtration systems.

In this context, flow indicates how things move within the body, physically and energetically, in order to ensure the natural state of health. A lack of flow indicates how things are blocked due to deficiency, toxicity, scars or stress, inhibiting health.  The body is a flow system that is bio-regulatory in nature; it knows how to take care of itself and maintain health, naturally and innately, given the resources (real fuel and reminders) it requires. 


All aspects of the human design are constructed to function, while communicating simultaneously and responding precisely, in order to maintain the most ideal health possible, in any circumstance. This is how you are designed for thriving. The body will regulate toward health, no matter what; it is capable of infinite healing, given what it needs.

The flow of blood, oxygen, real/healthy fuel, and elimination of non beneficial substances, ensures health.  A blockage of these basic functional components disrupts neuro-regulation; this is your bodies ability to talk to itself, alleviate stress and activate cycles of repair.  A prolonged blockage leads to a disease process by hindering the quality of communication and the transmission of life-giving impulses between cells leading to an accumulation of toxic by-product; this congestions creates an all-to-common, inflammatory response contributing to eventual deficiency and decline, commonly referred to as aging

Basically, aging is a myth.  Disease and aging are a blockage in the flow system; a disconnect in the communication of the body, creating stress that accumulates over time and degrades tissue, biochemistry and function; simple as that.  As a clinician, I work with the design of the body by tapping into this natural communication system and providing the resources to resolve the underlying stressors manifesting into symptoms and restoring the bodies ability to communicate, flow and thrive.


The pathways of elimination are key to maintaining the flow system of the body.  The primary pathways of elimination: liver, lymph, lungs, kidneys and intestines ensure filtration and drainage so that dynamic homeostasis is most likely. 


When the body is in a state of flow it is self regulating and capable of maintaining health and homeostasis via healthy elimination and drainage. The body contains primary pathways (liver, lungs, kidneys, lymph and intestines) and secondary pathways of elimination (skin, sinuses and reproductive organs) that are designed to eliminate unwanted substances.  When these organs are vital and open, the flow system maintains itself easily and naturally while health is maintained. 

The body is a big bag of sea water and cells. The Extracellular Matrix (ECM), the saline space between the cells, contains healthy microbes and beneficial bacteria to maintain a healthy ecosystem within the body where things are cleansed, nourished and maintained, this is commonly referred to as the micorbiome. The NeuroEndocrine system, most specifically the hypothalamus (the master regulator for the body and the neuro-endocrine system also in charge of cellular communication throughout the ECM) is another key player.  All of these systems are key to maintaining the health and vitality of the body's flow system.

Blockages in Flow


“Every injury or trauma, whether it's chemical, mechanical, electrical or otherwise, leaves behind metabolites in the repair process.” These metabolites are toxic; they mechanically interfere with and eventually block the energy flow of meridians, organs, glands, and/or tissues.  Such blockages, called Interference Fields, have notably larger influence on your quality of life and longevity than even nutrition.

An Interference Field (IF) is literally a total interruption in your body’s meridian system and communication pathways vital for health! An IF differs from a typical energetic blockage in its potential severity and impact.  It is deeper, longer lasting, and more far-reaching in its affect on other organs and meridians, while resistant to, or often unable to be permanently resolved by most types of treatment or Energy Corrections.  

Surgeries, injuries, traumas, scars and injection sites cause Interference Fields; these are essentially the energetic scar that remains once the tissue heals.  The bioelectric technology, Biofield or "the field", of the body is so sophisticated that it remembers the entire history of the injury; everything about the point of “impact” or the moment the stressor entered the body’s sensory awareness and all the circumstances surrounding it. Therefore, the therapeutic correction must address all the aspects of the injury to be effective. Decades may pass before experiencing symptoms related to these Interference Fields, but by this time the affects may be quite deep and far-reaching. IF's must not be underestimated!

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Physical congestion of tissues due to: metals, chemicals, altered food sources (GMO's), dehydration, compromised digestion and deficiency are a very real health threats.  Under toxic over-load the body will initially suffer when the pathways of elimination become clogged resulting in symptoms like constipation and sinus pressure; eventually this mucus and sludge spill over to fill the space between the cells, the ExtraCellular Matrix (ECM), with a jelly-like consistency replacing the normal, highly conductive and healthy resonanant saline environment.  This leads to impaired cellular communication, function and regulation leading to states of acidity, inflammation and cellular degeneration.


Nutritional deficiency is a primary cause of toxic build up and tissue degeneration.  Real, live, pure nutrient sources are simply food.  They will become a part of you and support the bodies innate repair and growth processes.  We all have reserves of such nutrients but the typical American diet, highly processed foods and insane stress levels quickly deplete these and leave us in a state of lack, no longer capable of maintaining function and desired states of ideal health.

Unconscious Reactivity

This is really important.  Dysfunctional unconscious reactions, the disruptive ideas and impulses that operate beneath conscious awareness, are primary stressors that block health, flow and calm. Valid scientific research is proving that much of the disease process is actually rooted in the unconscious mind.  Unresolved emotional, spiritual and mental stress can often be anchored and accessed in and throughout the endless web of fascia (just beneath the skin).  I call this layer of microscopically thin fascia the emotional conductor.  There is no division between the body and mind.  The invisible precedes the visible and therefore symptoms seem to show up on the physical level last.  So if you are experiencing significant physical symptoms it is likely the underlying stressor has been with you for quite some time and is affecting far more of yourself than you realize.

Restoring Flow

Energy Correction

Energy Corrections are safe, effective and non-invasive health procedures. We accurately determine the correction necessary to restore dynamic homeostasis and then implement it according to the body's specifications. A simple, elegant and intelligent process. An energy correction is an effective, relaxing and respectful experience.  The effects tend to be long lasting or permanent.  As the energy correction takes place the central nervous system shifts out of overdrive and re-calibrates, resetting the fight or flight response and re-establishing a sense of calm by returning to a sympathetic dominant state.  This is a healthy shift.  Energy Corrections can also create feelings of lightness, ease, increased energy, and overall improved function.  The overall intent is to consciously partner with the body's innate intelligence to prevent subtle symptoms from becoming major health issues. This type of medicine is very subtle yet profound; within this paradigm you can enjoy working with the design of the body. What could be a better investment for your healing intent?

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Real Fuel

Real fuel; live, pure food sources, that which is made by nature are the building blocks the body can use to repair and grow while elevating states of performance and well-being.  Our potential for health is unlimited given the real and raw fuel to do so.  Things made in a lab oscillate in the opposite direction as natural substances; in other words the electrons spin differently.   Natural, clean live substances can become a part of you, synthetic substances cannot.  Synthetic substances can be very beneficial in emergency situations to stabilize heath by blocking key enzymatic activity; there is no healing in this equation rather vital stabilization.  In order to heal, the body must have access to real fuel.


When the pathways of elimination are compromised and/or the hypothalamus is not regulating appropriate cellular communication, the ECM gets filled with toxic and metabolic residue that eventually accumulates into sludge. This congestion in the the ECM blocks communication between the cells and the lymph fluid becomes jelly-like verses it’s natural liquid, saline state. Toxic load backs up and collects in these systems while pH moves into the unhealthy, acidic ranges. Cellular communication is diminished while infections, toxicity and inflammation become common place. Overtime, increased toxic load combined with the inability to eliminate, leads to toxins being deposited into the cell membranes (the brain of the cell) and eventually are driven deeper into the cell, advancing degeneration and preventing healthy cellular function.  The body heals and protects itself through the mechanism of pressure.  If it cannot get the disruptive poisons out through the pathways of elimination it will force them into the deepest spaces to minimize short-term problems.  It is the body's intention to come back at a later time and clean us the residual mess from these fatty cellular spaces but rarely does that happen.  Overtime, the body continues to do it's best to function in light of an accumulating toxic load in the fatty membranes of the cells and tissues (like the brain).  Eventually, function diminishes to the point of failure and a disconnection in cellular communication takes place and dis-ease set's in.  This process is reversible in the eyes of BioEnergetic Medicine and analysis.

The body is designed to heal when it is in a state of flow.  Restoring flow can be done effectively and gracefully when done according to the bodies innate design. 

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Maintaining Flow

Addressing all the factors blocking flow is the most effective effort one can make to raise their level of health.  Generally, this is a process and takes place over time.  When you have raised your level of health to a place where you are satisfied and strong, it is time for maintenance. A maintenance protocol could include: monthly chakra clearings, regular colonics (ex: every three or six months), and basic supplement protocol.  

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About the Author

Cari Wright is a Holistic Health Practitioner based in Two Harbors, MN. She is a wife, a mother of 3 children, a dog, a cat, and a bird. She is a listener and a guide, a reader and a writer, and committed to a life of learning.