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Two Harbors, MN

We welcome you to experience what it feels like to thrive on your healthcare journey and in the presence of the Mineral Kingdom.  With a full selection of pure, live-source, whole-food supplements and complex homeopathy as well as a full-service medical spa (including Massage, CranioSacral Therapy & Clay Therapies), we thrive providing effective, natural options and technical excellence supported by the intuitive arts. We respect your health care journey and will match your readiness.

Integrative Methods

Integrative Medicine combines different effective and intelligent medical or healing approaches, including energy medicine, bioenergetic medicine traditional Chinese medicine, German models of medicine, and kinesiology, to attain a broad sense of well-being and healthy function.

I have studied the advanced natural health sciences for over 20 years. The methods I integrate include Traditional Chinese Medicine, German models of medicine (particularly combination homeopathy and homotoxicology) and various forms of Energy Medicine. I use muscle response testing and FDA regulated devices to determine your body's preferences for supplements and therapies based on it's specific stress reactants and bio-communication. The following outlines three major methods we integrate at Designed For Thriving: Energy Medicine, Bioenergetic Medicine and Kinesiology. 

Energy Medicine

Energy Medicine is not a form of medicine in the sense of what we are familiar with in this culture. Energy Medicine refers to a philosophy that finds its roots in other healing systems from around the world. It includes the perspective of the entire body and how it functions. The premise is:  the body is designed to heal, given what it needs. That can be accomplished safely and effectively any number of ways under the guidance of a skilled professional. We are not doctors; we do not diagnose or prescribe. We assess stress and establish wellness.

For more information, read our article exploring Why Energy Medicine Works.

bioenergetic medicine

The term BioEnergetic Medicine (BEM), is less commonly known and comes from the conceptual integration of natural biological processes and the electrical impulses that govern them.  The focus on the interface of the electrical body and biology is very unique and pioneering work, however, it is not new; the history of BEM easily dates back a century. The point of BEM techniques is to determine whether the BioElectric Field (BEF) (your health as you understand it) is regulating properly.  In fact, the body and its "field" are bio regulatory systems, meaning they are designed to heal and self-regulate in order to maintain ideal health and function whenever possible.  The electrical body or "field", not unlike the DNA of a cell, acts as a sort of control panel that regulates to maintain ideal function, strength, and repair of the biology, as well as the mental, spiritual and emotional aspects of the human being. BEM seeks to look at all aspects of health, assess stressors correctly and remediate the effects based on objective, electrically accurate physical data. With BEM we can affect and analyze all aspects of health and all health care concerns; how wonderful!

Some people need the actual, tangible experience (head harness with wrist and ankle straps) of a machine– a technology to provide an objective measure (words and numbers on a screen they can see) to trust their experience and the value and efficacy of the services we provide. For those individuals (tend to be left brainers or those abused by medical providers in the past), this is the tool I use, without judgement, of course.  It works very well and provides a sense of linear logic and safety in an otherwise ambiguous experience with regard to their personal health, experience and preferences. I get it.

However, the real clinical benefit and the most beneficial track I have found for my clients in regard to these devices is utilizing the therapeutic maintenance capabilities. It is important to cleanse every-day accumulated stress, which, left unchecked, could bring them to a point of de-regulation, destabilize homeostasis and revert to a habituated process of stress, like depression. Here is an illustration of a subset of my clientele to clarify: I have many clients that start with me later in life, ranging in age from 60-80+.  Their bodies and central nervous systems are well-trained in their standard stress responses (aka quirks and habits), their tissues have accumulated a fair number of toxins, overall health is good, and yet they are not without the standard issues of aging. 

Their minds are open to change and progress despite obvious life challenges. This group starts out going through the process of Clinical Detox & Restoration.  Therefore, this group has put forth the effort to move through a healing process, has resolved the layers of stress and toxicity (via custom nutrients and BEM analysis, over a process of months) and have raised their level of health to the point of satisfaction. They have moved onto health maintenance; this is a joyful thing; they have a accomplished a quality of life, consistently, that would satisfy for the rest of their life.  

What is next?  How do they maintain their new found level of health? In short,  use my clinical tools and quantum biofeedback device to cleanse their system every month.  The accumulated stress is cleansed every 4 weeks to ensure consistent dynamic homeostasis. The collective report from my clientle is this therapeutic process of integrative, quantum and customized stress reduction seems to be creating a very important emotional reset.  Physically, on average, these clients are strong because they are supported by the highest quality supplements.  We analyze using BEM and customize a personal protocol every 30-60 days.  The true gem, the game changer is the "chakra or field clearing" we are doing on a monthly basis to restore a "soft or light presence"  and mental reset.


For those that are open and ready, hands-on kinesiological techniques that interface directly with the body and it's innate communication are an excellent choice.  The dynamics of the field that interface and express through the musculature the body are the most effective methods of analysis I use. I am trained in several advanced techniques, generally referred to as Kinesiology; they are used to determine strength or stress with regard to different variables (or stressors) and the body's preferences. All the modalities I work with have their strengths but the one I love the most is Morphogenic Field Technique (MFT), because it seems to be most effective, going to the deepest layers to identify and resolve key underlying causal stressors fueling symptoms and diagnoses.  Using MFT, we take cues from the field verses individual organ points and, therefore, are analyzing the entire spectrum of your system versus its individual parts. How amazing and intelligent!

If one is open and ready, this conversation quickly gets precise and elegant. I introduce different variables/stressors or solutions (in the form of test vials containing different energetic signatures for toxins, pathogens, diseases, nutrients, etc) and customize the conversation to get the most precise cues from the body itself.  When the body has access to key nutrients it will resolve its stress and symptoms often disappear; the body heals itself. 

Learn more about Kinesiology here

It must be understood that while the evaluation is capable of detecting energetic imbalances that may be associated with past, current or potential illness, it cannot predict and does not diagnose the physical presence of illness or disease' nor does it presume to treat or cure any such illness. By United States law, diagnosis and treatment are considered the practice of medicine, and fall under the sole jurisdiction of licensed medical doctors. A practitioner who is not a licensed M.D. cannot use or implicate the evaluation as as a diagnosis or treatment for any specific illness. (BioEnergetic Resources, The International College of BioEnergetic Medicine Manual)

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About the Author

Cari Wright is a Holistic Healthcare Practitioner with over 20 years experience in private practice in natural health. Her clinic is based on the North Shore of Lake Superior near Duluth, in Two Harbors, MN and she works with clients from all over the United States and Canada. She is a wife, a mother of 3 children, 4 dogs, a cat, a bird, and a magic goldfish. She is a listener and a guide, a reader and a writer, and committed to a life of learning. Cari is currently earning her PhD in Natural Medicine and specialty in Applied Neurology to resolve brain juries and post concussion syndrome.