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Two Harbors, MN

We welcome you to experience what it feels like to thrive on your healthcare journey and in the presence of the Mineral Kingdom.  With a full selection of pure, live-source, whole-food supplements and complex homeopathy as well as a full-service medical spa (including Massage, CranioSacral Therapy & Clay Therapies), we thrive providing effective, natural options and technical excellence supported by the intuitive arts. We respect your health care journey and will match your readiness.




Designed for Thriving is a Private Membership Association. Our trained professionals are not doctors. We do not diagnose or prescribe. We specialize in identifying the underlying stress that contributes to almost all illness and dis-ease and resolving that stress by listening to the body’s communication system and determining what it needs in order to heal.  We address the needs of the whole you, proactively and effectively to resolve underlying stress, increase wellness and reduce the need for invasive chemicals and procedures when it it makes sense to do so. Our approach compliments all healthcare journeys, is cost effective and deeply insightful. It requires you to be engaged, committed and re-educated while moving fully from a healing process into a maintenance program.

Our individualized services are intelligently prioritized in order to most effectively utilize your resources. This is a relationship based on conscious conversation. It is vital to know what you care about in order to meet your needs and accomplish your desires. Humble clarity amongst equals facilitates profound healing. There is a time an place for all health care options, therefore we start by asking you this fundamental question: Do you want to keep managing your symptoms or do you want to resolve the underlying issue?

When you answer this, we know where to begin and can create a realistic plan to get you there based on your level of commitment. We talk about willingness and potential stressors or limitations that could affect your success and adjust accordingly.  We then start discussing specifics like stress and pain levels, mobility assessments and structural restrictions.

All individual therapies offered at a flat hourly rate giving you flexibility in your session to access a variety of techniques.  Contact us to discuss your ideal healing solutions and schedule an appointment.


adjunctive therapies

Add-on services to enhance and customize your experience  

Energy Movers– restore cellular communication

Magnets– restore healthy cellular flow and spin

Structured Live Water– healthy, helpful water

Liquid Live Nutrition– absorbable, pure food

Medi Clay Foot Soak– detoxifying & reduces detox symptoms



customized nutrient support

Your body needs real fuel, intelligently selected, at the correct time. We design nutrient programs for maintaining health in daily life and/or addressing key concerns to raise your level of health. We craft nutrient schedules using: homeopathy which reminds the body to do what it already knows how to do; herbs and restoratives to build foundational health; minerals that catalyze enzymes and support all biochemical function; and essential enzymes that ensure dynamic homeostasis while cleaning everything up

Premier Research Labs– Pure, live nutrients for fuel

Energetix– Spagyrically processed combination homeopathy to  focus and most effectively use the fuel

US Enzymes– Fermented, live, potent enzymes for digestive and systematic support

Tomorrow's Nutrition– High-quality foundational products for daily life


BioEnergetic Medicine

A blending of several medical models including aspects of Kinesiology, German & Traditional Chinese Medicine to ensure the most accurate energetic and biochemical analysis possible

Comprehensive Health Plan based on BEM technology that accesses the body's innate communication system, its articulate stress responses, and provides precise indicators for the therapeutic process required for resolving the underlying causal stressor



Body Work

Chronic stiff muscles and structural misalignments are deeply affected by restrictions in the endless web of fascia surrounding them. The fascia is the boss, so, we address this first. 

CranioSacral– involves the bones of the head, spine & tail bone as well as the endless web of fascia surrounding everything in the body

Very effective for emotional stress & trauma. 

Massage– manual manipulation of soft body tissues to enhance health, well being & function

Relaxation– lighter pressure; full body experience
Rehabilitative/Medical– firmer pressure; focused in specific areas of concern

CranioSacral+Massage– phenomenal combination especially for headaches and recovery from injury. A great option for those contemplating surgeries

Muscle Realignment Therapy– a true art-form done with energy movers; restores cellular communication, structural alignment and muscular health & function

Interference Field Therapy– these toxic or injured sites do not allow electrical flow, causing a backlog of toxicity and degeneration. Interference Field Therapy restores electrical flow and the body does the rest


In terms of body work, if you are happy with your level of health and function, schedule an appointment whenever you like.  If you are looking to raise your level of health then you must keep your appointments within 14 days of each other in order to build on the previous session



Clinical Detox

Effective and safe detox is done in a measured, appropriate way so the body can fully eliminate toxins. Too often, detox only moves toxins, leading to more serious health problems. Our intent is to empower you to help yourself as much as possible and to assist when a professional is called for.  

Opening Channels Program This is a safe and effective place for the average person to start.  It is a well-thought-out program from Energetix that has delivered excellent results. It is a 30-day program and doesn't require strenuous shifts in life-style or elimination diets.

Liver & Gallbladder Cleansing (LGB)– we will guide you to do this yourself, at home, and it is one of the single greatest things you can do to improve your health

Coffee Enema & Castor Oil Packs– we will guide you to do these yourself, at home. These are great compliments to the LGB Cleanse or as stand-alone maintenance

For further information on Clinical Detox in the Studio, see Ionic Therapies, BEM and Kinesiology.




Electrical pollution (EMF stress) and natural earth energies (Geopathic stress) that are disruptive to the body's natural polarity required to maintain health. When your environment is stable you can build, heal and conserve energy.

Home/Office Remediation– All health is improved by a stable, healthy electrical environment. We can do on-site or in-house consultation. 

Cars/Technology Remediation– This is especially important for those who constantly carry a cell phone, work in front of a computer, or spend a ton of time in the car. 



Ionic Therapies

All areas of injury & toxic load are positively charged at the level of electrons. These ionic therapies are negatively charged and draw the positively charged ions to them, restoring the body's natural flow system & cellular communication.

Clay & Aroma Therapies– do wonders

Copper Foot Bath– gives the benefits of a full-body submersion in ionized water to detoxify and boost the cellular membrane or brain of the cell, and heal

Full-Spectrum Infrared Heat– unique form of heat that penetrates inches into the body reaching inaccessible tissues, removing blockages, and restoring circulation

Photon Therapy/Elan Light Therapy– restores calm and is an amazing emotional cleanser. A twenty-minute session affects all the blood in the body, improving cellular health and resets the stress response.

Vibration Plate– potent lymphatic drainage




We are conservative with assessment, because it has to be done at the correct time for the most accurate results. First, we ensure flowspin and establish a well-nutrified body.  Then we can test. 

Health Kinesiology (HK)an open-ended model of comprehensive therapeutic value, which ensures testability and the ability to prioritize according to the body's primary needs  

Radiokinesis a hybrid system with its roots in HK. It is streamlined, original, organized & effective, ensuring the most efficient use of your resources and time

Quantum Reflex Analysis (QRA)utilizes acupressure points & ensures customization paired with pure, live, whole, nutritive fuel to restore tissue & organ function



Listening & Consultation

For years I was diagnosed with learning challenges. In my adult life, I learned that my brain actually processes information differently, which allows me to listen between the words and function as an intuitive strategist. It is the same talent– applied differently– in alignment with my open heart & path of service.

Life Re-Alignment– Learn to thrive, inwardly focused, trusting yourself, your purpose & your ability. 

Relationship Re-AlignmentLearn to thrive together by becoming conscious of the deeper currents influencing your relationship. 

Conscious Conception– Communicate clearly and consciously to imprint the sacred relationship between parent and child before conception happens. 

Conscious Parenting– Communicate clearly and consciously as you steward your children in support of their joy & thriving. 

Trauma Release– In the most respectful and gentle way possible, releasing what no longer serves you, and becoming more. 

Emotional Alchemy– Transforming the current emotional landscape into your sacred home, inwardly focused, divinely inspired. 

Environmental Alchemy Our external world invariably reflects the state of our internal world. By addressing your external world of stress, clutter, and a lack of functionality in our environment is a very effective way of shifting your internal world and raising your overall level of health. 



Neuro Cranial Integration (NCi)

The treatment goals of NCi are to align the dura matter and and cranial bones thereby take tension off the nervous system to allow the body to heal itself. This is a holistic method as it improves brain and body as a whole rather than targeting specific conditions. 

Learn More


Quantum Biofeedback

For me, this technology was a game-changer. It intelligently seeks out what needs to be resolved and offers the mechanism required for resolution. It can assess and address all aspects of health. It takes it s cues from your brain and body's communication system.  It is self correcting and an objective measure to ensure the most effective therapy possible.  It is the single-most effective tool I have used to resolve major stress, mental health issues, addictions, and old trauma. 



Stones are consistent vibrational signatures, made by God, to remind us of what is True. They are some of the most effective teachers, and I am deeply grateful.

Stone Listening– I hear in vibration as much as sound. I have the ability to match you with your stone buddy based on your honest, humble Intent.

Integrating Stones– Here you will have unprecedented access to stones from all over the world, and they can be added to your studio experience at no additional cost. This is a sweet and precious thing. We offer it freely and with great joy.

Purchasing Stones– We have over 3,000 respectfully-handled stones here at The Happy Crystal Shop.  Here the mineral kingdom comes alive on behalf of your open heart.

Classes– We are happy to offer webinar classes about stone listening and prosperous living.  Past videos and class documents are available for purchase. Contact Us!

Customized Jewelry & Pendants– Using respectfully-handled stones & beads and sterling silver we can create jewelry and pendulums for your exact intent. Just request!