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Two Harbors, MN

We welcome you to experience what it feels like to thrive on your healthcare journey and in the presence of the Mineral Kingdom.  With a full selection of pure, live-source, whole-food supplements and complex homeopathy as well as a full-service medical spa (including Massage, CranioSacral Therapy & Clay Therapies), we thrive providing effective, natural options and technical excellence supported by the intuitive arts. We respect your health care journey and will match your readiness.

About FlorAlive®


Dr. Davis’ patented method (FlorAlive® Essences) captures all the healing frequencies from flowers, for they are UNCUT and vibrant with life. The increased magnitude of quantum healing energy in the FlorAlive® Essences has a much stronger ability to remove negative feelings and emotions from our subconscious mind.

Unique Characteristics of FLorAlive® UNCUT Flower™ Essences are:

  1. They are prepared from UNCUT flowers and hence contain ALL the plant’s healing frequencies in a supremely coherent state.
  2. The powerful flowers we use come from highly energized regions around the world, often located in vortexes where huge amounts of transformational “information” enters and is absorbed by the flowers.

Quantum Healing

The Source frequencies of these essences appear “overwrite” harmful memories and defeating beliefs, replacing them with Divine flower harmonics. Our thoughts, behavior, and well-being can improve dramatically when we are no longer hindered by negative thoughts and feelings hiding in the unconscious or subconscious mind.

The other great advantage of FlorAlive® UNCUT Flower™ Essences is that they are created from flowers which have “come forth” recently to aid in the healing of difficult problems of our era. They help remove your internal blocks to the life, love, happiness, ease, & joy you desire.


Over 80 years ago, a British physician named Edward Bach discovered that he could heal his patients with the “energy” from cut flowers transferred to water sipped in doses. Dr. Bach’s concept was a tremendous beginning. It has just recently been improved by a more powerful healing method developed & patented by Dr. Bret Davis. The depth and effectiveness of flower healing depends on transferring the greatest amount of flower energy to the water extract with the least amount of shock and disruption. From tradition, the CUT flower method is used by flower essence companies worldwide. It captures for therapeutic energies whatever life force remains in the DYING flower. That is then transferred to water which is placed in dropper bottles for dispensing.

The FlorAlive® UNCUT Flower™ phenomenon was discovered by Dr. Brent Davis at the turn of the new millennium. Its result is a pure and safe new way to remove undesirable beliefs and harmful memories from the subconscious mind. It emerged out of his familiarity with herbal medicine, homeopathy, thought field therapy, and applied kinesiology muscle testing, along with his appreciation of cross-cultural spiritual traditions.

Dr. Davis created a way to MEASURE if a specific negative thought is initially present and then leaves a person’s subconscious mind after exposure to newly discovered FlorAlive® flower frequencies. To validate the action of a particular flower, Dr. Davis and other FlorAlive® practitioners utilize a clinical procedure called “semantic screening of self-referential statements.” This procedure has documented value in a peer-reviews scientific journal. (Monti et al., MUSCLE TEST COMPARISONS OF CONGRUENT AND IN CONGRUENT SELF-REFERENTIAL STATEMENTS, Perceptual and Motor Skills (1999) 88, 1019 - 1028).