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Two Harbors, MN

We welcome you to experience what it feels like to thrive on your healthcare journey and in the presence of the Mineral Kingdom.  With a full selection of pure, live-source, whole-food supplements and complex homeopathy as well as a full-service medical spa (including Massage, CranioSacral Therapy & Clay Therapies), we thrive providing effective, natural options and technical excellence supported by the intuitive arts. We respect your health care journey and will match your readiness.


Health Kinesiology, Radiokinesis & Quantum Reflex Analysis:
Accessing the body's information bank.

Health Kinesiology (HK), Radiokinesis (RK), and Quantum Reflex Analysis (QRA) help you heal by addressing your chief health complaints by determining where these stressors are concentrated at the underlying causal level.  This information is found by assessing the Biofield. 

QRA specifically uses food as medicine and other adjunctive therapies such as: clay (to resolve Interference Fields aka energetic scars), Full-spectrum, far and near in fared heat and Geopathic and EMF stress remediation to holistically heal. 

HK and RK utilize specific bioenergetic assessment tools called Energy Corrections, Energy Movers, specialized magnets, and homeopathic/biochemical test kits to resolve stress and trauma stored in the body.  These therapies tend to create permanent change by recalibrating the control panel, the BioField.  

Within my bioenergetic assessment toolkit, I also integrate other well –established Muscle Testing techniques and devices in combination with: healthy lifestyle, consulting/listening regarding key areas of realignment , combination homeopathy, beneficial microbes, therapeutic modalities, stones and live, healthy water.

Within HK, RK, QRA and a whole host of other modalities offered at the studio we deal with “BioEnergetics: The study of the flow and transformation of energy in and between living organisms and between living organisms and their environment."  (page 1) In HK we rely on the BioEnergetics of the body to be the information bank exclusively while in a balanced energy state.  When this is assured, this information bank for your human body is “on-line” and available for consult.  Within this paradigm, this infinite resource contains all the information regarding all stressors and circumstances affecting your health.  It literally, to the finest detail, records any and all stress, what it is, when it happened, what it is from and what it is affecting.  This model allows for all of this information to be organized and prioritized in a really effective and easy way.  It compliments all therapeutic modalities and can be used as an adjunctive therapy or a primary approach.  You get to decide and change your mind as you go.  It is a very fluid and organized system that allows for changes and flexibility according to what makes sense to you and your healthcare team of choice. 

This is a holistic model that informs regarding the physical, psychological, spiritual, and environmental aspects of health.  This information bank also contains all the information necessary to support the resolution of these same energetic stressors and imbalances utilizing the therapeutic modality (examples like massage, HK, Quantum Biofeedback or even outside referrals to name a few) or natural substances (examples such as: nutritional supplements, mud packing, homeopathics, essential oils, essences, etc.) the body selects, through objective and accurate testing, to address the casual factors creating dis-ease in the body.

Guiding Principles and Imperatives for my Practice

I was drawn to HK, RK, and QRA for the many functional and principled foundational virtues.  This list of principles and imperatives is taken directly from HK training materials but the concepts are fairly broadly inherent priorities in all professional-quality, effective muscle testing and the BioEnergetic modalities I utilize in the health studio.  Please, if you feel called to these principles, use them as a template to empower your healthcare choices.  I find them extremely valuable filters when I evaluate new health care options.

Prime Directive: “Maintain a Perfect Balance of Objectivity and Intuition & Validate Your Results”

The guiding principle in HK is called "The Prime Directive”.  It is to “Maintain a Perfect Balance of Objectivity and Intuition & Validate Your Results. We always strive to follow the Prime Directive. When we fail to do so we examine how we proceeded so we can learn how to improve in the future. We are not satisfied until we always meet the goal of The Prime Directive. 

Objectivity: Observing What Is vs. What We Expect to See

“What is Objectivity? It is the capacity of observing what is, rather than finding what we expect. Objectivity is the ability to test with a truly open, educated mind, free of the influence of expectations. We measure what IS, not what we believe, expect, or hope for.” 

Intuition: The Inspired Hunch

“What is Intuition? The ability to KNOW what is: it is the inspired hunch. The ability to know more than you have ever been taught. True intuition is mental/spiritual ability, untainted by expectations, fears, desires, preferences, and beliefs. When you have trained yourself extensively and well, ask the right questions, and are open to Truth, you are in position to receive intuition.”

Validation: Crosschecks to Confirm Your Results

“What is Validation? Using crosschecks to confirm your results. Observing your results carefully. Finding opportunities to compare your results with other able and experienced professionals. Finding agreement with results from other, totally different, approaches. Much of what we can do can be independently validated; some cannot. If we have demonstrated we are correct about the things we can validate, we can be more confident about those things we cannot validate." (page xi of The HK System 1: The Prime Directive). 

I feel this is a brilliant point.  Science cannot explain much that is real.  The default is to assume it isn’t or it’s perhaps a fluke or placebo.  Well, you know what they say about assuming…exactly.  Intelligence exploration in new areas opens the door to a wealth of meaningful new discoveries and vast potential transformation.  BioEnergetic assessment and techniques like HK, RK, QRA in particular, really support this investigation in an organized and practical way.  I see this as a great strength, particularly in difficult situations where answers are not forth coming using other avenues and modalities to crosscheck and validate as objectively as possible.

 Imperatives: Balance, Clarity of Concept, and Permission. 

I define Imperative as that which is crucial and essential in order to create mastery. The goal of my professional practice is to achieve mastery within this field.  If we do not have Energy Balance, a Clear Concept of what we are doing, and complete Energy Permission, we cannot be confident of our results and are likely to be acting unethically.”

What is Balance?

“Balance is smooth, even flow of energy throughout the meridian system. Before we do any further work we always ensure complete meridian energy balance. Only then can we be assured our work is precise.” 

What is Clarity of Concept?

“Clarity of Concept is the precise understanding of an idea. The quality of our test results is proportional to our Clarity of Concept. We must always clearly understand exactly what we are asking and testing. The body's energy system always answers; however, the precision and accuracy depend upon the Clarity of our Concept.”

What is Conscious and Energetic Permission?

“Conscious Permission is the person's verbal agreement to work with you. Energy Permission, given through muscle testing after balancing, is the confirmation that the person's body, mind, and energy system is ready, willing, and able to work with you now.  (We) always obtain both levels of permission to work before (we) continue with the HK session.” As I stated earlier, “Balancing and Energy Permission apply equally well to the Practitioner.”

As I said, BioEnergetic Assessment and techniques like HK, RK and QRA are like a toolboxes that can contain and organize beautifully all the modalities I have used up to this point. There is nothing I have stopped, no modalities I have replaced or deleted, since integrating BEA. However, I am using them differently, more effectively and with greater precision.

I am deeply grateful for the addition of BEA to my personal and professional life.  I invite you to integrate it liberally into your own life.  If you have any more questions, please feel free to call me or contact me at

As I said, HK and RK are like a toolboxes that can contain and organize beautifully all the modalities I have used up to this point. There is nothing I have stopped, no modalities I have replaced or deleted, since integrating more advanced BEM modalities. However, I am using them differently, more effectively and with greater precision. I am deeply grateful for the addition of BEM to my personal and professional life.  I invite you to integrate it liberally into your own life.