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Interference Fields

“Every injury or trauma, whether it's chemical, mechanical, electrical or otherwise, leaves behind metabolites in the repair process.” These metabolites are toxic; they mechanically interfere with and eventually block the energy flow of meridians, organs, glands, and/or tissues.  Such blockages, called Interference Fields, have notably larger influence on your quality of life and longevity than even nutrition.

An Interference Field (IF) is literally a total interruption in your body’s meridian system.  An IF differs from a typical energetic blockage in its potential severity and impact.  It is deeper, longer lasting, and more far-reaching in its affect on other organs and meridians, while resistant to, or often unable to be permanently resolved by most types of treatment or Energy Corrections.  

Surgeries, injuries, traumas, scars and injection sites cause Interference Fields; these are essentially the energetic scar that remains once the tissue heals.  The bioelectric technology of the body is so sophisticated that it remembers the entire history of the injury; everything about the point of “impact” or the moment the stressor entered the body’s sensory awareness and all the circumstances surrounding it. Therefore, the therapeutic correction must address all the aspects of the injury to be effective. Decades may pass before experiencing symptoms related to these Interference Fields, but by this time the affects may be quite deep and far-reaching.

Think of an IF like a dead fuse or tripped circuit in an electrical panel that keeps the refrigerator turned on.  The appliance can’t stay on without electricity and food can’t stay fresh without being cold enough, right?  If you put food in the refrigerator without the electricity to cool the element the food inside will just sit inside a warm box.  It may look like a functioning fridge but that doesn’t make it so.  There is an invisible electric current required for the inner-workings of the fridge to keep the food cold and prevent spoiling.  The body functions much the same way.  

A healthy BioField fed by the correct quality and amount of electrical current while monitored and regulated by a fully functioning control panel will maintain the function and health of cells, organs and tissues.  The introduction of an IF blows the circuit, stops the necessary electrical current and prevents the cells, organs and tissues from being monitored and healthy. The goal, therefore, is to reconnect and restore the natural electrical flow to the affected cells, organs, tissues or glands before degeneration or dis-ease can progress. The sooner, the better; time is of the essence.

This is vital information for you to know about your health.  Why?  Because where energy flows there is health, where it does not, the ingredients for health are blocked and stress and degeneration set in.  Over time, stress accumulates to create chronic conditions. 

Recently, a female client of mine came for an Biofeedback session.  I noticed the top stressors that showed up on the device were digestive.  She had not included on her intake form, that she suffered with ulcerative colitis, a painful and serious condition.  

Immediately, I was concerned that an IF was sedating her intestines.  In fact, she had two surgery scars directly over the area most affected by the disorder.  When we used QRA to assess the situation, indeed, the scars were dead circuits disrupting flow to the intestines.  If you have a scar from a surgery you can almost bet you also have an IF sedating vital function somewhere nearby.

The energy pathways, or meridians supply every area of the body with flowing electrical current.  Electrical current that flows correctly is the ultimate precursor to health and regeneration by maintaining healthy function of sub-atomic spin creating healthy cells and tissues.  Without it, toxic load builds up and the body becomes acidic, starting to spoil like food in the warm fridge.  

Electric flow ensures that water and nutrition are being transported into the cells for absorption and energy production.   Electrical flow is also required for waste and toxins to be transported out of the cells.  A clean Extracellular Matrix (ECM), (the area between cells) and a clean Intracellular Matrix (ICM) (the area inside cells) combine to create open pathways of communication to ensure elimination and drainage, healthy pH (alkaline vs. acidic) and healthy cell regeneration.  Therefore more healthy cells are being produced than the number of cells dying. If you have more cells dying than healthy cells being produced you are aging and in a state of degeneration.  In short, there is a fundamental electrical interaction required to maintain healthy blood flow in the body.  Where there is adequate blood flow there is health; where there isn’t, there is cellular death.

Interference Fields prevent the necessary electrical flow for health and healing.  Remember, they are the result of injury or impact leaving behind an energetic scar; which result in similar affects to physical scar tissue, impeding normal function. An energetic scar will eventually manifest a physical symptom. If you catch IFs when they only exist at the energetic level you are miles ahead.  Remember the female client I mentioned earlier with ulcerative colitis and the scars from her surgery?  She lives with a very painful, limiting and degenerative condition, must restrict her diet for the rest of her life and take medication everyday just to avoid a relapse.  If her situation progresses, and it likely will, she can be assured of more surgeries, more pain and more pills for the rest of her life.  Or she could have a natural, simple, relaxing, painless, relatively inexpensive, procedure to eliminate the offending Interference Field, sedating her intestines and resolve the underlying stress manifesting her diagnosis.

I want to give a more general illustration of what happens electrically in the body when an IF is present.  Visualize the meridians (energy pathway) like rivers flowing from your head to your feet.  They don’t cross each other; they simply travel up and down the body like hollow channels conducting electrical currents.   In this example, let’s assume there is a different surgical scar than the one mentioned earlier.  This one stretches from the pubic bone about six inches diagonally across the body toward the outside hipbone.  This scar is affecting the electrical flow of all the up and down flowing meridians it crosses. This scar serves like a dam in every meridian it crosses such that electrical flow cannot continue toward the feet, as it naturally would.  Instead, this flow is dammed up to the point that it overflows, gets deflected and ricochets, hitting, for example, the colon and liver, in an unnatural and unhealthy way.  This results in constant pounding on these organs leading to an excessive amount of stress, quickly robbing them of their normal vitality and ability to function.  

These affected meridians and organs in this example are key pathways of elimination (colon and liver).  These are vital for the cleansing of the blood and maintaining digestion, absorption, the ability to sleep and maintaining enough energy for function, among a host of other duties.  When these or any organs are constantly pounded by this “shaw chi” they become energy toxic and “sedated”/ “depolarized,” meaning weakened.  They simply don’t function.

One way to explain a key electrical dynamic with IFs and how they can affect several areas is introduced above is called the “Splat Effect". "One injury site can sedate multiple body sites.  When an injury occurs, if the body is nutritionally deficient or immune-compromised at the time of the injury, the injury site can become an interference field which routinely reflexes to one or more areas of the body- which can be small, medium, or large reflex area- creating entrenched symptoms.  We call this the Splat Effect because one injury site can reflex like a splat to many areas.” (PRL Manual, pg. I-62 )

Interestingly, it is the opinion of Dr. Marshall (of PRL) and his wife Dr. Forbes, who is a trained acupuncturist, that people who have received acupuncture with needles are some of the most injured people on the planet due to the precision of the injury due to the needle being inserted on very important acupuncture points.  As a result, Dr. Forbes no longer practices with needles.

In this situation, when there is such a constant onslaught of stress it takes all the reserves of energy the affected organ has to simply deal with the pounding (or the splat). There is not enough left for function (to absorb nutrition, cleanse, or regenerate).  Bottom line: If you have an IF, you can take all the best nutrition in the world and not absorb any of it.  

Think of it like having a boat horn going off next to your ear constantly while you are trying to conduct an important phone call.  Conversing on the phone is out of the question. You can’t hear let alone hold the phone to your ear and have a conversation. You’re just surviving at that point. In this example, the Interference Field is boat horn and cannot turn of on its own, it will blow constantly.  If you have an IF, and most people do, imagine that level of stress going on beneath your conscious awareness.  Getting present in your body is so important for your well-being.

As long as you have an IF you can contribute a wheelbarrow’s worth of nutrition and get a thimble full of benefit or effect.  The same is true for other good intentions and efforts such as: exercise, massage, chiropractic, medication, healthy eating, and sleep.

IFs are the primary place to start to resolve chronic stressful health conditions BUT we cannot do this effectively if certain markers of health are not in place first. Some preliminary evaluation is done before we work directly with the resolution phase of IFs; and for good reason. Bones, digestion and elimination (liver and kidneys) MUST be functioning well, before we start dealing with the IFs.  

If you are deficient in enzymes and minerals you will likely experience discomfort due to detox symptoms. It is also very important to deal with any stressors indicated in the hypothalamus and pituitary gland.  Ensuring strength in these organs is the first step. Second, increase intake of specifically selected key enzymes and minerals required for detox and adequate cellular function. The third step is to determine the number of IFs and their locations. From here, we work more deeply to determine what is being affected and how this correlates with your symptoms, chief complaints and your bodies priorities.  

With all this information we proceed in a step-by-step manner to fully resolve the IFs and follow-up in coming weeks to ensure tissues are testing strong for optimal function, and IFs are no longer present. I strongly recommend assessing for IFs immediately following a surgery, injections sites (esp. vaccinations or flu shots) and injuries of all types.

Review: What is an Interference Field?

An IF is an area that has become “depolarized” (or weakened), often from a previous trauma, such as a fall, accident, surgery, injection or scar.  The weakened IF area is more susceptible to toxin accumulation and further injury.  An IF acts like a “short circuit” in the body’s normal energy flow.  This “blown fuse” may reflex to distant body areas to create symptoms, degeneration and impaired function.  IFs are often a key underlying reason why certain body areas are recalcitrant to therapy interventions”. (i-Packs section, PRL manual)

Some important notes: not every scar, injury, tattoo, vaccination site, etc. are IF’s.  Evaluations with a qualified QRA practitioner is necessary to determine what sites are actual IF’s and which are not. Regardless of whether or not a client can remember if any trauma occurred to a particular site, if tests indicate an IF, it should be treated as soon as possible.  

How do we do we treat Interference Fields effectively?  

A specialized clay therapy procedure that can include specific oils and other key ingredients, full spectrum far and near-infrared heat along with digestive and detox support in the form of liquid nutrition.