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Two Harbors, MN

We welcome you to experience what it feels like to thrive on your healthcare journey and in the presence of the Mineral Kingdom.  With a full selection of pure, live-source, whole-food supplements and complex homeopathy as well as a full-service medical spa (including Massage, CranioSacral Therapy & Clay Therapies), we thrive providing effective, natural options and technical excellence supported by the intuitive arts. We respect your health care journey and will match your readiness.

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Live Food & Water


The number one nutrient is sleep.  If you can’t sleep, it is usually one of three reasons.  If you have done all you can and still are not getting the amount or quality of sleep you desire, contact us, we can help.

Live Water

The number two nutrient is a toss up between oxygen from deep cleansing breath and water that is ALIVE.  What does that mean?  Simple, even if it seems complicated.  Healthy water molecules and atoms spin naturally; when water is alive, it is gathering energy.  This is what we can call correct spin.  When water spins correctly, it rotates in the same directions as your healthy cells, that means the water and your cells speak the same language and it can become a part of you.  It is very easily digestible, although we don’t tend to think of water as being digested.  Just like food, it isn’t what we eat it is what we absorb.  We need to have sources of food and water that we can assimilate easily.  This means the water flows easily in and out of our cell walls to hydrate, cleanse and nourish.  Most water these days does not have the correct spin and therefore tends to bump up against our cells walls rather than becoming a part of them.  Have you ever noticed that you can drink a ton of water and still never feel as if your thirst is satisfied.  Water with the correct spin is essentially wetter and much more effective at it’s hydrating and healing functions.

We recommend structuring units, especially a hybrid model structuring unit that contains stones.  This are small devices that never require replacement parts under normal use, are relatively affordable and come in a variety of options to suit your individual needs.  Structuring devices give water a distinctly different flavor and feel.  The wide-spread use of untested pesticides and chemicals (fluoride, pharmaceutical drugs, pesticides, chemicals, dioxins, etc) along with the standard way municipal water supplies are treated essentially kills water.  As a result, it resonates at a fraction of it’s potential by reversing it's healthy, correct spin.  Even well water often comes from a shared underwater lake which can be contaminated by neighbors and nearby industries.  When water is in correct spin, the water’s innate intelligence is activated; it is self-correcting and self-healing.  Clayton Nolte who has studied extensively the affects of structuring water, concludes that structured water effectively neutralizes all toxins and enhances organic minerals and nutrition. For this reason we do not filter the water but it can be easily added to one’s water system if preferred.  See the effects of structured water on tomatoes and rose plants.

 Water is innately intelligent and defies all laws of physics in that it is a solid, a liquid and a gas.  When water contains the correct spin is it said to encapsulate the toxins within it and move it through your body without depositing it in your cells. All man-made, synthetic substances rotate in this reverse spin, opposite of natural, healthy tissues and substances. This leads to an accumulation in the body since the molecules can't communicate when they function at opposite polarities at a sub atomic level.  

I agree with Masaru Emoto who believes that water is a sacred and spiritual being on this planet.  When it is activated by nature, consumed with gratitude or with effective structuring device he believes this is our fundamental communication pathway to God.  Elementally speaking the water relates to our heart and our emotional intelligence beyond our personality and our  genetic programming.

Live Food

Nutrition is a broad study that can be broken down into two main areas. The first, is start with the consideration of  quality.  Nutrient rich food  required for health comes from Live nutrient rich Soil. The second consideration is: your ability to absorb/digest these nutrients.  What you absorb makes all the difference.  If your digestion doesn’t function properly your body is not getting the benefits of the food you eat or the supplements you take. 

Digestive issues tend to accumulate over time.  Often it is not clear that they even exist due to the relatively poor quality of the standard American Diet and the reality that most Americans haven't had healthy bowel or digestive function since a very young age.  Poor quality diet, inappropriate supplementation, dehydration, key nutrient deficiency and Interference Fields (basically an energetic scar due to a trauma; it blocks flow and function), are a key players in sedating and preventing healthy digestive function.  Most physical symptoms and diagnosis can be sourced to this underlying digestive issue.  If you want to re-build health, first, you must build digestion and the mucosal linings of the body, everything comes from this.  The digestive system also contains a vast majority of the immune system and produces over 80% of the bodies serotonin which is an inhibitory neurotransmitter that allow the autonomic nervous system to regulate properly.  This is the baseline for a calm and healthy disposition, quality sleep and effective regenerative capacities.

True Nutritional Value is based on the amount of available energy the food has to nourish your cells.   Food raised on wisely cultivated land and through sustainable farming practices has the optimum amount of nutritional value.  Nutrient rich soil produces nutrient food.  This is the baseline for live food.  


A Brix Meter or Refractometer is a powerful standard kitchen or shopping tool. With it, you take the juice of a fruit or vegetable, place it on the viewing plate, look up into the light and see a numerical value reflected on the screen; this numerical value determines the genuine quality of the food, aka it's true nutritional value.  It is a simple device and costs less than $200.00.  It is easy to test all your fruits and veggies to tell which are the ones that are best to eat.  They have the highest brix levels.   A good goal is to find food over a 10. You can assess the quality of your breast milk too!   I have done several independent samplings comparing conventional produce and organic produce.  My research indicates that the organic produce is generally 30-65% higher in brix levels.  Low values are likely due to the realities of factory farming.  Generally, conventional produce is manipulated to grow in certain climates, be pest proof, draught proof and cheap to raise.   The crops are grown in fields that are not rotated and are exposed to high levels of toxic chemicals. As a result,  soils become sterilized and depleted which contributes poor absorption.  A conventional orange from our local grocery store didn’t even make it to a one (remember the goal is 10). The Brix Meter helps to determine the food quality so your body can utilize the raw materials necessary to maintain function and health, and eventually feed and correct issues at a deeper, cellular level.


GMO & the Quality of Today's Food

In this discussion of nutraceuticals you’re dealing with food that is alive and life giving to your cells and inherently healing. In other words, your body knows what to do with food.  That said, there is an important discussion about what constitutes food.  Genetically modified food is outlawed in many countries for very good reasons.  Research this topic fully for yourself, I can’t urge you strongly enough.  What is happening to the food supply is very serious and it is affecting your health and everyone you love.  I do not define Genetically Modified (GMO) “foods” as food.  I do my best to not consume them and believe the evidence for this speaks for itself.  You decide for yourself, of course.  Also, conventionally raised, factory farmed and processed foods with pesticides and chemicals are not on my list of alive and nutritious either, for obvious reasons.  Just do a little research and you will have all the information you need to make an informed, conscious decision.

Featured below is a somewhat comedic take on a rather serious issue: