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Two Harbors, MN

We welcome you to experience what it feels like to thrive on your healthcare journey and in the presence of the Mineral Kingdom.  With a full selection of pure, live-source, whole-food supplements and complex homeopathy as well as a full-service medical spa (including Massage, CranioSacral Therapy & Clay Therapies), we thrive providing effective, natural options and technical excellence supported by the intuitive arts. We respect your health care journey and will match your readiness.

Petite Consultation

What is a Petite Consultation?

A  Petite Consult is a 15-minute session over the phone or in person during which we perform a Morphogenic Field Analysis.  This advanced analysis energetically isolates:

  • Body-priority stressors

  • Body’s preference for addressing those stressors (including dietary supplementation, enzyme therapy, homeopathic remedies, therapeutic sessions, or a combination protocol)

  • The duration of a protocol

  • Follow-Up appointment

Therapies are typically not performed during a Petite Consultation unless required to access the body’s communication system. If additional therapies are energetically isolated for in resolving the body-priority stressors, we schedule those for another day in accordance with the analysis results and protocol duration.

Who is a Petite Consultation For?

A Petite Consultation is an excellent option for those who are interested in

  • Managing their symptoms naturally

  • Maintaining their level of health

  • Improving their level of health in specific ways

  • Evaluating their current supplementation regimen (whether our products or others)

What is the cost of a petite consultation? 

Petite Consultations are offered at a flat rate of $44. If you are working with another practitioner for therapies, you may request that we share your health records and/or collaborate with them at our standard hourly rate ($135) billed in 15-minute increments.

How often should you have a Petite Consultation?

During your first consultation we will establish a preliminary plan for addressing your chief complaints and body priorities. The frequency of consultations will be determined through the Morphogenic Field Analysis. On average you will start with a bi-weekly protocol. 

That being said, we can re-test as frequently as you choose. If you have recently received a catastrophic diagnosis or are in a chronically weakened state, time is of the essence and we would likely recommend re-checking weekly or every few days. For the average person, though, we generally recommend re-testing every two weeks as a really happy medium to conserve resources and yet be nimble enough to address your body’s changing needs.

Are you required to purchase additional products or services? 

The Petite Consultation identifies your body preferences for addressing your chief complaint and/or body priority.  Often resolving these concerns requires foundational nutrition or other remedies like homeopathic information medicine or enzyme therapies.

We encourage you to bring in all the supplements that you have so that we can include those in the conversation.

We stock the highest quality products that are only available to qualified practitioners. These products are not made with binders or fillers like most over the counter products.  Through the analysis, your body will select the remedies from among the products you bring as well as the products we stock.

Understanding the Parameters of a Petite Consultation

It is standard, with this version of BioEnergetic Assessment testing that you select only one practitioner to do your supplement/herbal testing because, just like in a science experiment, the controls are consistent. When another variable enters that equations–like another practitioner testing, it artificially changes the equation in a way that actually moves backwards.

In our consultations, we test off the entire field of your body to determine a supplement protocol. In doing this, your body is creating a plan that is both sustainable over a selected period of time (in terms of dosage this ends up being something like a daily average) and also one that takes into consideration the big picture including:

  • Standing appointments you have with other practitioners

  • All the questions you have asked us

  • The goals that you have

  • Your chief complaint and body priority

  • Current supplementation program with the intent that it is going to raise your level of health in the most effective way possible while minimizing uncomfortable clinical detox symptoms.

  • As well as the re-assessment scheduled at the end of the established protocol time period. (Example: typical re-check is every 2 weeks)

Approaching it this way minimizes the need for you to have a daily re-check of dosage and accounts for artificial highs and lows in dosage due to, for example, therapeutic sessions with another practitioner. On a day that you receive or are about to receive intense treatments, your body might request more of a particular remedy because you are metabolizing deep “issues” brought up in that therapeutic session that require extra support to metabolize. But this is a temporary spike. Your body has chosen its parameters with said appointments in mind and therefore are already accounted for in the daily average dosage.

When to add items or make adjustments to your protocol?

We generally address changes, additions or subtractions to your supplement program at the end of a protocol and the start of a new protocol and not during. For example, if you have a re-check in 2 weeks, we would make adjustments at that re-check appointment and not during the 2-weeks. If questions come up during your protocol, please email the questions so that we have those in writing to discuss in detail during your next session.

Because of the way we test, it is not likely that you will experience discomfort or challenges adjusting to your protocols. If you do, however, experience discomfort with your new protocol, please contact us via email explaining your symptoms and/or concerns. Remember that everything on your protocol is essential, including daily water intake.

If another practitioner has a suggestion for your supplement program such as additional products or changes in dosage, we should address it at the end of the protocol and add it at the start of the new protocol (providing your body agrees with the recommendation).

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