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Two Harbors, MN

We welcome you to experience what it feels like to thrive on your healthcare journey and in the presence of the Mineral Kingdom.  With a full selection of pure, live-source, whole-food supplements and complex homeopathy as well as a full-service medical spa (including Massage, CranioSacral Therapy & Clay Therapies), we thrive providing effective, natural options and technical excellence supported by the intuitive arts. We respect your health care journey and will match your readiness.


Relationship ReAlignment

Learn to thrive together by becoming conscious of the deeper currents influencing your relationship. Clear the air and learn to thrive, together. This is potent and practical work. With whom are you looking to create greater peace and joy? Bring them to co-create conscious, liberating intent and clear understanding based in the truth of the situation beyond judgement or current impasses. Things going well? Your looking to create a new chapter, we can do this too. Anything is possible. We will create lasting and significant realignment bridging two willing, honest hearts. 

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