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Two Harbors, MN

We welcome you to experience what it feels like to thrive on your healthcare journey and in the presence of the Mineral Kingdom.  With a full selection of pure, live-source, whole-food supplements and complex homeopathy as well as a full-service medical spa (including Massage, CranioSacral Therapy & Clay Therapies), we thrive providing effective, natural options and technical excellence supported by the intuitive arts. We respect your health care journey and will match your readiness.

Raise Health

Ready for what is Relevant

I work with those who take a personal interest in learning to discern the language of their body to discover the bigger picture of their life, current situation or even, catastrophic diagnosis. If you’re ready for viable options and a real conversation with yourself, I am too.  Your diagnosis does not scare me. I can empathize with a disaster, a loss, a brick wall; I have been there; I will not panic. This makes me a worthy guide while my credentials and 2 decades of experience make me a qualified steward and practitioner. I listen to the content of your big picture and offer back what resonates from the space between your words and your tissues. Who else can genuinely offer you this? 

Every 14 days

If you are happy with your level of health come to see me whenever you like.  If you want to raise your level of health you will need to come back at least every 14 days.  The 14-day rhythm and cycle builds a momentum on the previous sessions.  In fact, many of the treatments I perform continue to evolve for up to 2 weeks within you.  This means that your body will take the boost offered it in the session and use it for up to 14 days and continue to repair, adjust, align and re-calibrate toward dynamic homeostasis and improved health.

The Most Effective Process will Reveal itself

The most effective process for your repair will not be determined by my expertise or either of our opinions; rather, the precision of your body’s innate communication system.  Generally, this offers the most intelligent path of least resistance.  We take a very complete health history, initial interview and discuss your primary concerns.  The innate wisdom of your body will reveal the most important components for your recovery.  Several of these conversations will be brand new to you and others will be age old. This is just fine, a natural part of the learning process. Many of you will have had several diagnoses. This is okay.  Your body may or may not agree with such labels, that is okay too.  This is about creating the most comprehensive and intelligent picture possible for the purposes of restoring health via a big balanced field, activating dynamic homeostasis and the body’s ability to repair and regulate toward health. 

One recent example: I have a female client in her 60s who has come to me with an established diagnosis of cancer of the breast and lymph. She realized that she simply could not bring herself to do conventional treatments despite consulting with different doctors, oncologists and naturopathic oncologists.  She had been determined that her priority was quality of life for the rest of her life, however long that was.  She began juicing and various other natural health practices.  She was feeling really good and looked great despite her diagnosis the year previous. She had studied copious amounts of information on her diagnosis. It began to feel as if everyone was an expert (except her) and had a different opinion; in a state of overwhelm, she stopped almost all supplements and therapies.  She needed a reset and a guide.  This is when she found me, in our favorite restaurant of all places.  I encouraged her to bring in all of her supplements so we could  analyze what her body determined was useful, what was compatible, what was likely for another time, as well as the items her body would just prefer to throw away. This is where we started.

I relate to her situation as one of lymphatic congestion creating unmanageable amounts of stress for her body.  As we talked and I analyzed her stress by listening to her body and its precise cues, we created an unlikely priority list.  Her diagnosis was not her body’s top priority.  Her body first and foremost requested sleep, then her liver and gallbladder spoke up.  While it was clear her lymphatic system sought support, her body needed to resolve the stress of irregular heart rhythms first. The stress and fear of these sensations would keep her awake all night making her so weak she would be out for days.  She tested for several interference fields that were sedating the very area her congestion and heart resided.  In my world view, this makes perfect sense.  This area, so stressed and overrun with metabolic waste and toxicity, cellular communication was greatly diminished or non-existant.  Sedated areas become de-void of vital energy, cellular communication and biochemical processes required for health.  In our conversation these areas represented spaces or voids without cellular communication to monitor and regulate their circumstances and ensure health. Like a closet, garage or basement you ignore and simply accumulates junk.  Relating to her diagnosis through the design of her body created a perspective that became very empowering.  Moving a step further and determined her body needed to start with a gentle, general but comprehensive detoxification program called Opening Channels with the addition of a combination homeopathic called Lymph-tone III, designed for situations just like this.  

This entire process streamlined her stress and her program to ensure she felt she was the expert in charge of her health care journey–yet she now had a qualified support system to guide her on her most intelligent, customized and preferred path.

A Big, Balanced Field

In 25 years of study and over $300,000 invested beyond my college education I have learned the most legitimate indicator of health and health analysis is the part of you you’ve had all along…the most precise and effective tool you have at your disposal is the Field (electrical activity surrounding your body) itself and your body's innate communication system.  In a state of health (from the perspective of quantum physics and healthcare) the Field will expand and become big and balanced to an average diameter of 3-5 feet around the body.  This indicates health and vitality. If you come into contact with something that stresses you or your body, diminishes health or moves you away from dynamic homeostasis, the field will shrink or literally collapse.  Clinically observing this phenomenon has informed me about the real effects of modern key stressors like Genetically Modified Foods (GMOs) and “natural flavor” enhancers like MSG.  Recently, I was at a training and initially my field measured 8+ feet.  This is considered very healthy.  Soon we took a break for lunch, I had the wild rice soup. Afterward, back in class, I was called to the front of the room for a demonstration; my field had shrunk dramatically and only measured inches from my body.  I was shocked.  The instructor asked me what I had for lunch.  Turns out the evening before he too had the same wild rice soup (and found out it was full of MSG), this is presumably what caused my field to diminish from a stable and healthy 8+ feet to nearly nothing. 

When you have a big and balanced field, consistently over time and no new health concerns arise, this can indicate you have completely moved through the healing process and into health maintenance.  

Health maintenance from a clinical perspective simply means your state of health and well-being have stabilized, you have the ability to maintain dynamic homeostasis and respond to the demands of daily life without your health suffering.

In my opinion, supplementation of certain key nutrients will always be important to maintain optimal health due to depletion of nutrients in the soils, the dramatic decrease in quality raw organic produce consumed by the average person, increasing amounts of toxicity all around us and the general wear and tear of daily life.  I take premium quality enzymes, minerals and other select products my body tests for to ensure optimal health.

After a client has resolved all the key stressors eroding health, health maintenance has begun. We check in every 1-2 months to determine the customized selection of key supplements, herbs or homeopathics that will most benefit his/her needs based on the reaction of the field and the body's communication system at that point in time.  

neurological sympathetic dominance

This is a very important concept to understand. Basically, it means you can't or are not relaxing over long periods of time. The body only rests, relaxes, or repairs when it is in a parasympathetic dominant state. Sympathetic dominance is intended as a safety mechanism for short-term, emergency situations. 

The average person in the Western world, spends the vast majority of his/her life in a sympathetic dominant mode. As a result he/she is not resting, relaxing or repairing. Overtime, this leads to more cells dying than being created and the aging process accelerates.

Lissa Rankin, MD explains this very well in her book, Mind over Medicine:

“If however, the mind thinks negative beliefs, the brain perceives these as a threat. As far as the brain is concerned, there’s a lion running after you, so it’s time to fight and flee. When the body’s stress responses are activated, the body isn’t concerned with long-term issues like cellular rejuvenation, self-repair, and fighting the effects of aging. It’s too busy preparing you to run away from the lion. No point putting your immune cells to work chewing up stray cancer cells or turning over fresh new cells in the body if you’re about to get eaten.

Over time, these negative beliefs that repetitively trigger these tress response take their toll. The cellular environment gets poisoned with stress hormones. It’s no wonder the body gets sick and has a hard time repairing itself."

So, relax, your body requires it.